Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharing the Magic at Mardi Gras!

My friends at Earth&State in Media, PA decided to mix things up this year for their Mardi Gras Celebration. They brought a selection of my leather masks to one of the bars for the State Street bar crawl and set up a photo opportunity to have patron's pictures take wearing my fantasy masks.
Just check out some of these pictures!

Thanks Drew and Heather-it looks like everyone had a blast!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Snap!

Interesting week.
First my brand new Fiskars soft touch micro tip scissors decide to snap while I am slicing through some tape.

Then the spring snaps on my trusty two-year-old Cresent compound pliers, the second pair I have broken in my artistic endeavors, but the first one was not a Crescent.

I was on my second to last frame of my latest run of 5 wings when that catastrophe happened, and I could not find my back-up pair anywhere. :(
The good news is that Fiskars offers a warranty, so I can send them back for a new pair. I am still waiting to hear back from Cooper Tools, the owners of the cresent brand, but I have a bad feeling they are going to say it is not a covered part-which really sux because I NEED my pliers. I think I am going to Sears for some craftsman tools next-they are supposed to have a lifetime warranty.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New and Improved: Potion Bottle Necklaces

Back when I first started my etsy shop, I created these lovely potion bottle necklaces: they were little round glass bottles that I decorated with findings and beads and suspended on a chain to make them wearable. I filled them with fairy dust (ahem...glitter) and that just added to the loveliness. I made about a half dozen to start and after months and months, sold a grand total of two. In my disappointment over a product I adored, I let them fester in thier jewelry boxes and in the back of my mind for the better part of a year.
Then one day as I was doing a little housekeeping (i.e. moving piles of my supplies around trying to find something...) I stumble upon my sparking beauties. And realized that they could use some jazzing up!
So I pulled out my well loved pliers & wire cutters and my truely scary bead stash and got to work. I further embellished the few I had started so long ago and then found in the bottom of a jewelry supply case that I had purchased more bottles and promptly forgotten about them. Well, I couldn't just leave them there, so they have been jewelerified as well!

Here is one of the new ones: my Purple Pearl Fairy Potion Bottle Necklace! I just think this peice is so charming with the cascade of pears and crystals, the teardrop rhinestone charm and the little silver fairy charm. This one is filled with extra fine silver glitter for all you pixie dust lovers out there.

And here is one of the revised ones: my Silver Rose Potion Bottle Necklace. The vintage silver rose with a rhinestone center was the original focal point of this necklace. The shell hearts and snowflake beads are from the first incartnation, but the luminous white stick pearls, swarovski crystals, silver pearls and teardrop charm are new. This necklace is suspended on an extra long chain and is sold empty so you can fill it wit your poision, er, potion of choice.

I have many more to follow; all the work is done and the pictures are taken, but I am having trouble finding time to post anything new!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Treasury Feature!

Huge thank you to CharlieCarter for featuring my Purple Dawn wings in her recent treasury!!!

In other news, I am having surgery on Wednesday, the 4th of February. I will be laid up for a while, so maybe that will give me a little time to work on the three baby blankets I need to crank out for all the friends having babies this year. :)