Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm getting married!!

My guy of 6.5 years proposed last Saturday and we are now planning what we hope will be a stupendous wedding!

We have set the date for October 30th of this year, giving us about six months to plan this shindig (eep!). We are going with a Halloween theme (like you didn't see that coming), and are going to invite our guests to come in costume.

More to follow!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Etsy Finds Feature!!

OMG! My mauve and black Christina Wings were featured on Etsy Finds this week under the "knot a typical affair" and the fairy tale wedding!

Cello Wings!!!

So here they are as promised, my first two cello wings:As you can see, these graceful wings catch light with iridescent flashes of pink, green and blue.
I will be making some changes to future versions based on what I learned making these two, but in all I think they turned out pretty darn well.

In other news, we seem to be stuck in a blizzard! It started snowing late Tuesday night and continued all day Wednesday. Fortunately for me, my work shut down on Wednesday and Thursday: our very kind landlord plowed our driveway, but missed a large patch of snow in front of my car and with the build up, there was no way my little car could have made it out the drive. In fact, it is still buried, but I suppose that is okay since J and I are going away for a few days. We are going to Virgina Beach for the weekend, and yes, I know it is freezing. We sometimes like to go to the beach during the winter because it is deserted.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I had a feeling this would be the year: after so many mild winters, we in the northeast are getting slammed with multiple snowstorms. Last weekend we had around 2 feet and tomorrow we are going to probably get at least one more. Where in the world will we put it all??

I have to say I do love snow days when I don't have to be anywhere. My favorite thing to do would be to cuddle up on the couch with a good book or movie and a nice big cup of chai but what I actually do is lock myself in my work room and have at it. I try to spend the time finishing up old projects, organizing, and custom orders if I have any. Last weekend I spent some time playing around with new materials to use in my giant feather wings: just wait till you see what I have come up with! I am working on better ways to make the long fabric faux feathers and I think I have finally found the perfect medium. In addition to that, I am working on making feathery fabrics that actually move. I know, I know, I have been pondering that question for ages, and I am sure I have mentioned it before, but now I am actually at the hands on stage, having already worked on a frame that shows a whole lot of promise.

AND last weekend I finally (FINALLY!!!!!) finished making my first two pairs of cello wings. Yes, that would be the two pairs that I started oh, maybe nearly three years ago and never got around to finishing. Yes, that would be the frames I spent tons of time making, then managed to mangle when I got to the adding of the cello stage. I ended up getting so frustrated that I balled them up, dropped them into the bag and tried to forget about how much time I had wasted on that epic failure. But since I can't throw anything away, I ended up carting them along when I moved to my new apartment, where they continued to languish ignored. But since my unspoken goal for this year is to complete my old abandond projects, I dug them out last weekend and reapplied myself to the task. They turned out fantabulous, but now I need to find some time to take the darn pictures! *sigh* Ooooo, if we have a snow day tomorrow, that will be at the top of my ungodly long to-do list!

:) I have my music on random and Breakin Benjamin's "Forget it" just came up - love that song, no idea why, but it might be pretty darn near the top of my all time favorites list.

To Melt Winter's Heart FAEteam Exhibition!

The February Fantasy Artists of Etsy Team exhibition is going on right now! Be sure to stop by and take a look at some of the beautiful items on display!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WOOT! Treasury Feature!!

Muchas Gracias to Studio Seventy Five for including my Morgan wings in her fantabulous pixie dust treasury!!!!

Um, What do you mean it is February already???

And where the heck did January go?????

Seriously. I don't even remember most of it.
Okay, so I remember that there was that whole Christmas thing, and the New year's thing (crappy weather+homebody boyfriend=did nothing again). I remember spending a bunch of time reorganizing my work room (starting to finally shape up!). I remember working on designs for a bunch of new products but having NO energy to make anything. I remember it was bloody cold, so I did not want to work on any of the wings I have started because it would involve spending time out on the front porch in my spray booth and there is no insulation to speak of out there, so I reeeeeally didn't want to attempt to airbrush when I couldn't feel my fingers.

Oh yeah, now I remember: I got some not so good news from my doctor about a lovely medical condition that I have been dealing with for the past oh, four, working on five years. I really don't want to go into it other than to say it is not life-threatening but it does cause times of Extreme Pain. Basically, we have gone through every treatment available, and nothing has worked. My final option is major surgery, which I am not prepared to do quite yet. So I spent maybe a week or so moping about that and then decided to suck it up, get back to work and spend the next year gritting my teeth (there is a timing issue on the surgery).

So I made some upgrades to my website (check out the Bejeweled section in particular since I added customizable tiaras and crowns!), applied to some shows for this year, and worked on a few custom orders. And I am toying with the idea of getting back in to pure fine art again, such as paintings and sculptures...

I have to admit I am not back up to full speed yet and I am fighting hard not to be bummed out about this medical crap. But at least I am working on it!