Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Um, What do you mean it is February already???

And where the heck did January go?????

Seriously. I don't even remember most of it.
Okay, so I remember that there was that whole Christmas thing, and the New year's thing (crappy weather+homebody boyfriend=did nothing again). I remember spending a bunch of time reorganizing my work room (starting to finally shape up!). I remember working on designs for a bunch of new products but having NO energy to make anything. I remember it was bloody cold, so I did not want to work on any of the wings I have started because it would involve spending time out on the front porch in my spray booth and there is no insulation to speak of out there, so I reeeeeally didn't want to attempt to airbrush when I couldn't feel my fingers.

Oh yeah, now I remember: I got some not so good news from my doctor about a lovely medical condition that I have been dealing with for the past oh, four, working on five years. I really don't want to go into it other than to say it is not life-threatening but it does cause times of Extreme Pain. Basically, we have gone through every treatment available, and nothing has worked. My final option is major surgery, which I am not prepared to do quite yet. So I spent maybe a week or so moping about that and then decided to suck it up, get back to work and spend the next year gritting my teeth (there is a timing issue on the surgery).

So I made some upgrades to my website (check out the Bejeweled section in particular since I added customizable tiaras and crowns!), applied to some shows for this year, and worked on a few custom orders. And I am toying with the idea of getting back in to pure fine art again, such as paintings and sculptures...

I have to admit I am not back up to full speed yet and I am fighting hard not to be bummed out about this medical crap. But at least I am working on it!

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