Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Baby Dragon Wings are flying FREE!

I finally finished my two new baby dragon wing designs!
I am most proud to unveil Isaac and Jacob!

I made nine pairs to start in all different colors.
I made these with all the little boys dragged to fairy festivals in mind. The Isaas wings are curvy and elegant, measuring only 25" in wingspan. The Jacob wings are sharp and bold, measuring 35" in wingspan. The tail hangs down about 21" from the top. I just love the tail; dragon wings are fantastic, but without the tail how do they know you are a dragon??

The big brother version is next on my list to finish-they are sized for teens and adults, but made without the tail. I'm still trying to decide if I am going to make separate tails that go around your waist...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pain for the sake of Art where have I been?
I've been destroying myself trying to get some wings done before the Maryland Fairy Festival.
How you might ask?
Well, last Saturday I decided that I would paint all the wings I have sewn (around 30 or so) all at once to get that stage out of the way.
Silly me...
See I converted a corner of our front porch into a spray booth for my airbrush. The walls and floor are lined with heavy plastic (yes, I have plenty of ventilation). But it is essentially a little cubby corner and I don't have a table or chair that will fit in there. So all my paints and supplies are on the floor and when I mix I kneel or sit on the floor then I stand up to spray, but then I have to kneel down again to wipe off my stencils and stand back up to do the other side. So I spent six and a half hours doing squats after which my knees would barely hold me and I wobbled around like a newborn foal. Better yet, I stuffed a pillow under my knees for suppory before I fell asleep that night, so I didn't move-all night. When I woke up on Sunday my legs had cramped up so bad that I could barely walk. My boyfriend spent the day laughing at my attempts to hobble around, especially when I tried to get down the stairs....
In other news, I am so excited because my giant order of ribbon finally arrived! I LOVE JKM Ribbons! This was my first wholesale order I have done for ribbon-prior to this I have been buying the little spools you find a JoAnn's or Michael's-where you spend $3 or $4 for a three or four yard spool. JKM's 100 yard spools are going to go so much farther! See how huge they are in comparison! And this is my furbaby Ringo (no, I didn't name him) inspecting the merchandise-my kitty quality control.