Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pain for the sake of Art where have I been?
I've been destroying myself trying to get some wings done before the Maryland Fairy Festival.
How you might ask?
Well, last Saturday I decided that I would paint all the wings I have sewn (around 30 or so) all at once to get that stage out of the way.
Silly me...
See I converted a corner of our front porch into a spray booth for my airbrush. The walls and floor are lined with heavy plastic (yes, I have plenty of ventilation). But it is essentially a little cubby corner and I don't have a table or chair that will fit in there. So all my paints and supplies are on the floor and when I mix I kneel or sit on the floor then I stand up to spray, but then I have to kneel down again to wipe off my stencils and stand back up to do the other side. So I spent six and a half hours doing squats after which my knees would barely hold me and I wobbled around like a newborn foal. Better yet, I stuffed a pillow under my knees for suppory before I fell asleep that night, so I didn't move-all night. When I woke up on Sunday my legs had cramped up so bad that I could barely walk. My boyfriend spent the day laughing at my attempts to hobble around, especially when I tried to get down the stairs....
In other news, I am so excited because my giant order of ribbon finally arrived! I LOVE JKM Ribbons! This was my first wholesale order I have done for ribbon-prior to this I have been buying the little spools you find a JoAnn's or Michael's-where you spend $3 or $4 for a three or four yard spool. JKM's 100 yard spools are going to go so much farther! See how huge they are in comparison! And this is my furbaby Ringo (no, I didn't name him) inspecting the merchandise-my kitty quality control.

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Athena's Armoury said...

Oh, honey, I hope you're feeling better!