Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Snap!

Interesting week.
First my brand new Fiskars soft touch micro tip scissors decide to snap while I am slicing through some tape.

Then the spring snaps on my trusty two-year-old Cresent compound pliers, the second pair I have broken in my artistic endeavors, but the first one was not a Crescent.

I was on my second to last frame of my latest run of 5 wings when that catastrophe happened, and I could not find my back-up pair anywhere. :(
The good news is that Fiskars offers a warranty, so I can send them back for a new pair. I am still waiting to hear back from Cooper Tools, the owners of the cresent brand, but I have a bad feeling they are going to say it is not a covered part-which really sux because I NEED my pliers. I think I am going to Sears for some craftsman tools next-they are supposed to have a lifetime warranty.