Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Here!

It's Here! It's here!
It's finally here again!
My favorite month of the year that contains my favorite holiday!
Halloween is bigger than Christmas for me. I love going to costume parties and the Reniassance Faire and getting all costumed up in general!
Past costumes have included Trinity from the Matrix, Jessica Rabbit, the Corpse Bride, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Death, and last year a Fallen Angel.
This year I am going to be helping my sister with her scary front yard setup. She and her husband go ALL out: last year featured a fake fence and colored lights, a life-size realistic skelleton hanging from the tree, a troll popping out of a little casket and a pair of hydrolic legs that kick like the poor man had been half buried under the house. This year he is adding a full size casket, that I believe has some fun functionality to it as well.
It sounds like they are going to be zombies; J wants to be a zombie as well although he wants to take it a step further. He wants me to make him a collar to which he will attach a chain so he can run at the fence and pretend he is going to attach the kiddies seeking candy. He is so bad!
I am going to be a Grim Reaper this year. It is based on my death costume from a few years ago, but this time the cloak has been modified to be worn with a pair of my massive black feather angel wings. I also orders a sycthe on ebay which is about 78" tall-it looks so awesome! I may think of a way to stylize it to be a little more creepy, although a 6 1/2' pole with a giant blade on the end seems pretty darn creepy to me.
I am also going to have to design myself a nifty mask for the event. When I was death, I had J paint my face to look like a skull but most of the grease paint had worn of by the time we got to the party-even with the setting powder that stuff just will not stay on my face.

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