Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, obviously, my plan of trying to get three blog posts in a week in April didn't happen. Or in May...or in June!
So I've been busy!
First came the Maryland Faerie Festival, which was a blast. Then came an interesting stack of custom orders that I am still weeding through. Then there was the wedding planning, which is still trucking along. Now I am laid up with a sprained wrist (right, which is my current dominant hand) so just about nothing is happening, even though it should be!

I have a ton of new pictures to post in my flickr gallery, and some really fun new custom orders to share with you. This is a custom pair of cellophane fairy wings that I created to specification for a lovely May bride. Theses strapless wings are a little under 5' in height and are around 2.5" wide.

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Anonymous said...

I saw these on Say Yes to the Dress!