Friday, October 3, 2008

It Never Ends-The Quest for Better Photographs

Oh yes, I just reshot all of my wings and things this week. I invested in a nifty light kit by Smith-Victor from Adorama-a fantastic photography supply site. --->

I had no idea my work room was so dark until I lit these babies up. No wonder I am going blind. My boyfriend stuck his head in the door at one point to check on my progress and he was wearing sunglasses...

Well, here is a brief example of the results:


Altered-gypsy said...

Your work is beautiful in any light!

I am tagging other FaeTeam members. If you want to play see my blog:


haha said...

Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous!

Erik said...

I love your work, enjoyed digging through your site. I signed up to follow.