Friday, December 5, 2008

Faeriecon International 2000

I hate to say it, but as a vendor it was three days of hell. It was better than last year, and I felt more prepared and that I had a better set up, but when you've spend weeks killing your self getting stock ready and no one wants to buy any thing because the economy is tanking it is time to rethink applying for next year.

Maybe my thoughts would be different if it was not held in the middle the city in a convention center. Let's face it, the crowd this type of event would attract is more at home in the forest than the concrete jungle. Trying to find (and paying for!) parking was just rediculous. I probably would not have gone myself if I had not paid a small fortune for my booth just because I hate driving in the city. Plus the fees are extraordinary because the convention center sets the rate and then they are marked up from there.

Due to my own personal constraints and the inability to find anyone willing to model for me, the only submission I had for the fashion show was myself, which was the white and black cherry custom dyed haboti silk Titania ballgown and wings (above).

So the prognosis is that I will not be vending at Faeriecon again unless they get out of the city and the economy picks up so I can actually make something back instead of barely braking even. That is really sad because I know how lucky I am to live so close to such an event.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful stuff - too bad that people don't like buying right now :(

Stiletto Sports Jen said...

Oh that is too bad because it sounds like a wonderful idea and event! the pictures are so beautiful! I have a special fairy costume myself but it's not nearly as pretty as these! Love your site and thank you for coming to see mine!

Athena's Armoury said...

I'm sorry to hear it was such a bust! You and your booth look amazing, though!! I've been thinking similar thoughts lately, too. I'm going to hold off of doing craft fairs for a little while in the hopes the economy gets better. I'm still out on the fence about the ren faires, though. I was hoping to have enough stock to apply for a small one this year, but if the economy continues as is, I don't know if it will be worth it. So, I feel your pain.