Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ordering Custom Wings Just Got Easier!

After receiving several requests for custom wings for flower girls and brides, I decided to add a way to easily order custom wedding wings from my FairyTaleWedding Etsy store.

Customers can now specify their desires based on the following criteria:

1. The base fabric color-I use organza and crystal organza for a sturdy wing base, and it is available in a rainbow of colors. (a color chart of available colors is forthcoming, but I can also do special buys if you are looking for something special).

2 The painted edging color-I can airbrush the edging to match just about any color as long as a good color swatch is provided.

3. Ribbons-these are the straps the hold the wings on, so you can pick a color that matches the wings or the outfit you plan on wearing (or go strapless, +$10)

4. The back decorations-I use a variety of items to decorate my wings including silk flowers/leaves, all sorts of feathers, gems, and fabric paint. Please be specific in your description of colors or the style in which you wish your wings to be decorated.

At the moment I have all five of my small fairy wing designs available and my Bella large fairy wings-one of my most popular designs. I will be adding more just as soon as I finish editing some pictures. And as always, I am more than happy to create custom wings to fit your needs!

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