Friday, May 15, 2009

I swear I'm not being a slacker!

Seriously-I have been insanely busy! I can usually sneak in a post here and there but lately I have had no time whatsoever. Between a wedding and a funeral and many very late nights editing photos on my computer, I am plum worn out.

I am going to be at the Maryland Faerie Festival Saturday and Sunday (the 16th & 17th-keep your fingers crossed for good weather this year!). Yes, tonight I am packing up my little car and tomorrow at 5am I am driving due south for 3 hours to reach Upper Marlboro, MD.

I have kept up with a pretty steady production pace for wings over the past several months, so for the first time since I began this venture, I don't feel like I am scrambling to get them done at the last second. Unfortunately, I wish I could say the same about my masks! I have several out on consignment, but my own stock was down to a paltry 5 pieces. I made 10 in the past week and a half, and if I have time I am going to squeeze in one more for myself to wear at the show. :)
I made a few oldies but goldies and have a few new designs to showcase. Of course it would help if I remembered to take some pictures to share before they get snatched up....

In addition to mask making, I have decided to learn a new technique and subsequently started a new product line. It is something I have wanted to do for years, but just never got around to learning. I will be unveiling my first piece at the festival, and will post pictures here when I get back. No, I'm not telling yet-it's a surprise!

So if you are free, come visit me this weekend-I'll be bringing my masks, fairy and dragon wings (sorry, still no feathers yet), crowns/tiaras and my fairy dust collection, which includes my potion bottle necklaces, my children's fairy dust vial necklaces and a few of my brand new vessal necklaces filled with semi-precious gems.

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