Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh there is a desk under that pile of paper....

New computer is on the way!
This is my first laptop so I am excited to investigate my new desk freedom.

Incidentally, this incident has made me realize what a god-awful mess my desk is. Really, it is overwhelming. I have boxed up all my Matrix figures (*sigh* all three movies worth) and they are now living in storage. I also boxed up a few years worth of magazines and pulled out all the circulars to paw thru at a later date for clothing/costume ideas. I will probably box up the rest and re-set up my desk to accommodate the new computer/docking station (since I still want to use my lovely monitor). I was also thinking about getting rid of my battered sewing desk, moving my sewing machine and serger to my main desk and getting a giant set of shelves so I can store my supplies/paperwork, etc. I will have to take some measurements for that, but I had my eye on a nifty set of shelf's at ikea that might do the trick.

I also need to get rid of some of my old art projects from college. I threw away my lovely old piece "Bury the Hatchet" which was a men's suit jacket in black that I stretched over an old canvas with wire shot up the arms to keep them outstretched and a axe sticking out of the back i made from aluminum flashing along with a giant splattered blood stain made from polyester casting resin with red glitter suspended in it. I already dismantled and threw away one of my bride sculptures and my black widow dress. I am keeping the "Shotgun Wedding" dress for now, although that may change depending on space. I am however seriously considering getting rid of my Killer Daffodils of Philly painting, since it is a serious space hog. it is about 4'x4' and it has three massive screen and wire daffodils careening out of the frame over a silhouette of the Philly skyline. It is hanging over my sewing desk, and would have to go if I went with the shelf idea. I don't know, I just hate parting with it since it took so long to make. I would not say it was one of my best pieces, but maybe i could do some work to it to make it a bit better...

I am way to embarrassed about the state of my work room to show any pictures right now, but maybe I will post some after all the moving is done.

In other news, I went to the Geminara Rock and Gem show on Saturday in Exton, and spent way too much money on fun rocks, minerals and gems for jewelry making supplies. I have so many new fun ideas, I just wish I had time to do something with them!

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