Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a Sweater! (purse)

In the immortal words of El Guapo (nod to The Three Amigos), I shall tell you how a charming, but unworn sweater became a purse.
I had this lovely sweater languishing in my closet for over a year. The yarn was spun with metallic silver thread so I could not get away with wearing it to the office. So I decided to recycle it into a new, super-fun accessory. The torso of the sweater was already the perfect size and shape, so I trimmed off the sleeves and collar and sewed up the bottom in a box shape for more carrying space. I added a lining of vintage cotton fabric with a dusky tree print so nothing would poke through the sweater and to give it added strength. I also added a reinforced pocket on the inside to keep small things from rolling around on the bottom, and added a vintage metal zipper for the closure. Next I decided to crochet a wavy carrying strap, which I attached on each end, one side in the front, one in the back. Then I crochet 3 matching green flowers for an accent and used a scrap of the sweater for an embellishment swirl. I even used the ribbon loops that were to keep it on the hanger around the top edging.
So, that is how I created this cute little bag. I periodically go through my closet and pull out things that I don't wear anymore, but I cannot bring myself to throw them away. Maybe it is my pack rat syndrome or because I hate to waste anything, but making cast-offs into something new is a great solution. Other ideas include turning old pants into skirts or combining several different items in to a new patchwork wonder. You are only limited by the scope of your imagination!

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Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

That is sooo creative!! I love it!!