Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Klunk the Plushie

A while back my talented boyfriend decided to design some cute little creatures-I don't really remember why but they were so adorable I decided to make one. This little guy is called Klunk. He is shaped like a little blue mailbox and is about 5 1/2" cubed. He is made from fluffy blue fake fur, his tummy is orange and he has little orange felt feet and horns. His eyes are big white ovals of felt. He is entirely hand stitched, too.
I am interested in opinions on this little guy-does anyone think he would be purchasable?
J doesn't have any confidence in his extraordinary skills, so he could use a little validation on his little monsters. To see some of his other nifty works, visit his deviant art page here.

1 comment:

FairiesNest said...

He's adorable! I think you could definitely sell that sweetie!